Sweet Sour Salt


Since 2010, we been gettin' it!
We get easy booking and ordering.
We get fun casual dining.
We get great service.
We get funky interiors.
We get sweet sour salty (and spice!).
We get local vino and brew.
We get home-delivery & takeout.
We get great value.
We invite you to check out our menu,
and if you like what you see,
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sweet sour salt.
get salty!


Lunch Friday 12-2pm  
Dinner Tuesday - Saturday 5:30-9:30pm

179 Anson Street, Orange NSW

Restaurant is licenced. NO BYO.


ph 02 53106001




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Carrot and Zucchini Fritters    
Garam masala salt, cucumber raita, mustard seed chilli relish
  14   Jungle Curry of Pork Meatballs (gf) (hot!)    
Scud chilli, eggplant, bamboo shoot, kaffir lime, basil
Son in Law Egg (gf)   
Soft boiled fried eggs, scallion, fried onion & garlic, peanuts, chilli caramel
  14   Thai Green Chicken Curry (gf) (med)     
Shitake, eggplant, lychee, kaffir lime, basil, lime juice
Pork and Prawn Wontons
With shitake black vinegar and Sichuan chilli oil
  15   Sour Orange Seafood Curry ((gf) (med)   
Fish, mussels, squid, prawns, snake beans, tomato, Thai basil
Malaysian Satay – chicken OR beef (gf)      
Malaysian spiced chicken or beef satay sticks with spicy peanut sauce
17 18   South Indian Style Vegetable Curry (gf) (V) (med)     
Tomato, coconut, chickpeas, sweet potato, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, tamarind
Korean Fried Chicken wings (gf-option)  
Korean spicy salt & kimchi mayonnaise


Chilli Salt Fried Pawns (gf) 
Crisp battered prawns, scallions, garlic, chilli
  18   Steamed Jasmine Rice    
  2 per person
Salt & Pepper Squid (gf)
Green chilli dipping sauce
  16   Grilled Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce (V)        13
Korean Grilled Tofu (gf) (V) 
Gochujang, sesame seed, gf soy sauce, garlic, scallion
  15   Stir-fried Asian Greens with Mushrooms       13


  26   Fried Snake Beans with Chilli Garlic Relish (gf)       13
Twice Cooked Chinese Duck (½ Duck – bone in)   
Braised in master-stock & deep-fried, buk choy, plum vinaigrette
  36   House-made Kimchi (spicy)   10
Whole Deep-Fried Baby Snapper (gf) 
Thai dressing and herb salad 
$ Market
(ask your waiter) 
  Fresh Thai Chilli in Fish Sauce (gf)   1.5
Wok fried Mussels  
Chilli jam & Thai basil


Please be advised, thios menu is subject to change, and may not be completely correct at time of viewing.

Sichuan Style Beef Chow Fun (med)   
Fresh rice noodles, soy sauce, sesame, snow peas, Sichuan chilli oil

SSS Ice Creams (gf)    
With peanut brittle. Ask your waiter for flavours

5 per
Chilli Basil Pork Belly 
Garlic, chilli, basil, Thai special sauce   
  28   Orange Eton Mess (gf)
Flourless orange cake, Meringue, orange curd, star anise syrup
Salt and Pepper BBQ Beef Sirloin (gf)
Salty and spicy, with fried potato & wasabi aioli    
  34   Coconut Pannacotta (gf)
Frozen mango, toasted rice, lime zest Vietnamese
Vietnamese Chicken Salad (gf)
White-cooked chicken, lemongrass, sesame, radish, coriander, peanut, nuoc cham
  24   Coffee Sundae
Chocolate brownie, caramel ice cream, coffee condensed milk, peanut brittle
Salt & Pepper Squid (main size) (gf)    
Green chilli dipping sauce
Sumatran Grilled Chicken (gf) (bone in)   
Spiced, marinated  chicken, coconut cream, lime
  29   Dishes are designed for sharing
Dishes may not be served at the same time NO BYO. SSS is a CASHLESS restaurant. Card only.

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no.  1

Carrot & Zucchini Fritters
Pork & Prawn Wontons
Salt & Pepper Squid
Chilli Basil Pork Belly
Thai Green Chicken Curry
Stir-fried Asian Greens with Mushroom

50 per person  

no.  2

Son in-Law Eggs
Salt & Pepper Squid
Malaysian Satay Beef
Thai Green Chicken Curry
Chilli Basil Pork Belly
Fried Snake Beans with Chilli Garlic Relish
SSS Ice Cream (ask for flavours)

58 per person 
(gf option - pork belly 
gf version)
Changes to banquets not possible
Banquet selection is for entire table
Some dietary restrictions may have to order separately 
- speak with your waiter



Restaurant is licenced. NO BYO. SSS is a CASHLESS restaurant. Card only.

Booking terms and conditions

Please be advised, this menu is subject to change, and may not be completely correct at time of viewing.


2016 Swinging Bridge Pinot Gris (Orange)     36
2016 Colmar Estate Riesling (Orange) 9 20 38
2017 Te Mata Estate Vineyards
Sauvignon Blanc (Hawkes Bay NZ)
2017 Robert Stein dry Riesling (Mudgee)     40
2017 Phillip Shaw ‘No. 19’ Sauvignon Blanc (Orange) 9 20 38 
2016 Angulong Verdelho (Orange) 8 19 36
2015 Zinga ‘Reserve’ Chardonnay (Orange) 10 21 40
2016 Giant Steps ‘Lusatia Park’
Chardonnay (Yarra Valley)


2016 Rameau d’Or ‘Golden Bough’
Rosé (Provence France)
2017 Zinga Rosé (Orange) 9 18 36
NV    Printhie Wines ‘Swift’ Rosé Brut Bubbles (Orange)     45


2015 La Linea Tempranillo (Adelaide Hills)     42
2016 Colmar Estate Pinot Noir (Orange) 10 22 42
2016 Pawn ‘El desperado’ Pinot Noir (Adelaide Hills)     42
2016 Yabby Lake ‘Red Claw’ Pinot Noir (Mornington)     46
2013 Icely Road Sangiovese (Orange) 8 19 36
2014 Brangayne ‘Tristan’
CabSauv/Shz/Merlot (Orange)
2011 Bloodwood Shiraz (Orange) 10 22  42
2011 Orange Mountain ‘Manildra’ Cab Sauv (Orange) 9 20 38
2015 Thorn Clarke ‘Shotfire’ Shiraz (Barossa)      44
2014 Yangarra Shiraz (McLaren Vale)     58


Badlands Pale Ale (Orange)     8
Peroni (Italy)            8
White Rabbit White Ale (Healesville VIC)     8
Boags Premium Light (Tasmania)            7
Boags Premium (Tasmania)            8
Corona (Mexico)     8
Small Acres ‘Pomme’ Cider (Orange)     7


Bombay Sapphire Gin     9
Wild Turkey Bourbon     9
Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch     9
Smirnoff Vodka     9
Mount Gay Rum (Extra Old)     9
Bailey’s Irish Cream     9
Kahlua     9

good times

Caipiroska - muddled lime, vodka, brown sugar     16
Lychee Slipper - midori, cointreau, lemon, lychees     16
CSM Pimms - Cucumber, strawberry, mint, Pimms No.1, Vodka, sprite, ginger ale     16
Blushing Dragon - Vodka, Cointreau, lemon, berries, mango     16


Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Solo     5
Mineral Water     5
Tonic Water     5
Soda Water     5
Lemon, lime and bitters     6
Dry ginger ale     5
Orange juice     5


Selection of Organic Local ‘Tea House” Teas       
English breakfast, Earl grey, Peppermint, Goodnight green
Lapsong souchong, Jasmine


Long Black  


Short Black   3
Flat White   4
Latte   4
All coffee is made with full cream milk, decaf is available.


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